Producer Natalia Jessa

Producer Natalia Jessa

Natalia Jessa is on the forefront of becoming the new face of Portuguese wines and one of the hardest working people around.  Having relocated for love from Poland via Ireland to Oporto, Natalia Jessa has really taken grasp of what is virtually an underserved market for inexpensive and incredibly delicious wine.  She says it herself in the most adorable broken Portu/Polish English accent: “Drink it, don’t overthink it.”  And these wines over deliver in a BIG way. 

Having been a buyer at one of England's top food and wine markets, Tesco, for years where she studied wine through WSET, when she arrived to live in Portugal, Natalia developed her own distribution company to fulfill the needs of her various employers and clients over the years.  She quickly recognized an opportunity to collaborate with some of the country’s best vintners to bottle lovely expressions from wineries in each region, using only local varieties.   

All of these wines named themselves. After releasing their bouquets, Natalia chose the floral names and designs to represent how the wines have developed aromatically.




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