La Luz streamlines the direct import process to optimize profit margins for our wineries and import partners. Our commitment to winery clients is finding their ideal distribution partners in various states throughout the U.S. - distributors that share the same brand identity.  Our mission is to raise the bar in supplier relations, offering better service to the winery and the distributor, creating a new standard of communication and transparency in the wine business.

La Luz Selections is a licensed importer, broker and communication company located out of Portland and New York City, that sources wines of great value being produced with transparency by good people.   Relationships and quality are everything to La Luz, so long- term human sustainability as well as ecological integrity are very important to us. 

Kerin Auth Bembry and John House


Kerin Auth Bembry has been a leader and prominent figure in the Spanish wine industry in NYC and throughout the United States for nearly two decades.  John House started selling wine 15 years ago in Central Florida, and has since managed sales for many wineries, mostly in the Pacific Northwest, where he lives.  In 2011, John and his wife also launched their Portland-based passion project, Ovum Wines.

La Luz Selections was conceived over many years of wine-saturated days and nights filled with lengthy discussions and hearty laughs.  We soon realized that our friendship and love for wine, partnered with our shared vision for the future of the wine industry, could not be separated.

In early 2017 we founded La Luz Selections, LLC.

Together, we make a powerfully dynamic, well connected and experienced team.